pet peeve: image label lack

pet peeve: image label lack

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so my pet peeve of the decade, that I’ll finally acknowledge – web content managers and email campaign creators that fail to give their images a label, and I’ll tell you why.

i use a blackberry that can’t be upgraded to the current os, which is an android platform. i’m holding off on adopting that platform and I’m hoping for another option.

well that’s my personal issue but here’s what happens when I get an email from someone who hasn’t labelled their images.

Just a question mark. No information at all, that’s what I get.

Label your images folks! Anyone who has a slightly out of date device or for some reason can’t or won’t view your images will see the text you’ve labelled the image with instead. If there is no label, then no text. I’m a fan of using text also in the body of the email, not just images.

Hey if you’re just starting out, let me show you how! Let me know in the comments if you’re in the dark about labelling images. It is important to make the internet work well among other things. It might also help me not have to upgrade my phone for a little longer.

On another note, right now I’m literally weeping in my soup that upgrading to mojave has royally screwed up my new (end of 2017) macbook air making the sound of my browser really low (messing with my netflix shows) – although Siri is like yelling at me – and my mail suuuper slow and in general the whole thing seems a lot slower. It’s making me mad like the same kind of mad I am at the Toronto city council right now for not getting the snow and slush removed from our streets and sidewalks before the freeze that’s on its way tonight. Meh!

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