iMonitor & iMaintain

Although it is possible to automate alerts or use social media dashboards to keep track of activities on your profiles there’s nothing like having someone professional, who does this for a living, do it for you. We currently have a special on this service when you buy one of our other set up packages you can also have your profile monitored & maintained for as little as $10 a day.

We'll get it done.

We'll keep an eye on things for you.

Tasks ido:

  • Get on top of complaints or feedback right away
  • Socially networked people like the instant fix,
  • respond right away when someone tells you you’re doing a good job,
  • retweet them, reply to their thread, check out their profiles & networks
  • friend or follow your friends & followers
  • post interesting, frequent & consistent status updates
  • start new discussionsĀ  & contribute to others’ discussion threads
  • link your profile on others’ profiles

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