a drone for xmas

a drone for xmas

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a drone for xmas

equipment_jeffhopper_unsplash.jpegThis is the year every early adopter, tech nerd, kid who has everything already with parents who want to impress or appease, will get a drone for Christmas Inc.

One has to wonder if this will be just like all the other gadgets we’ve had marketed to us, under the guise of religious revelry, (though I often buy-in as much as the next guy), revered for a moment, annoyingly, and then left to gather dust in the back of the closet for decades, only to be pulled out for some small group of retro-enthusiasts later on down the road.

I mean what are drones actually good for anyway? What is the legislation for these new electric bugs? Is it the beginning of letting out the boogie man in long dormant creeps, who’s former covert photography up oblivious skirts had been put to bed by tougher laws & perv tracing?

Some people will harness this new technology for good, and it is likely a now mass marketed invention more analogous with the laptop than the television, or the radio or the printing press. Can it change our world as much as the telephone did, or the cell phone? Or will it be more like the mass production of automobiles? Will it have the addictive qualities of alcohol or texting or driving, or texting while driving? Or will it be more like smoking, or facebook? Could it be more powerful than all these things combined as a game changer?

Should I cease and desist all other business activities until I’ve accurately assessed both the dangers and opportunities of this new medium and its potential impact on my business? Hmm, maybe yes.

Seeing it under that bulletproof glass I too coveted a droid of my own, um I mean, drone.


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