A Smartphone makes all the difference

Customizing your “Smart” phone

Getting my Blackberry Torch has been the single most useful thing I’ve done yet for my business. I was struggling along with one of the first HTC smartphones that had no apps and crashed more often than not and finally (before its associated 3 year contract ran out I might add) just refused to boot.

Then I scored a BlackBerry Pearl and knew from then on I would stick with this Canadian company. I am a Waterloo University alumni so I feel a certain loyalty to RIM, and I just prefer having a keyboard I can feel, touch screen keyboards just seem to make me queasy.

The app most useful to me so far is the syncing it does with my google calendar, that was an automatic bonus to installing my gmail in the phones settings & I didn’t even realize it at first! Spending time with your phone is important when you first get it, like a pet it requires training to your preferences. Us humans require training too. It’s always much more fun to do this customizing of your phone with a buddy who has been down this road before. And the sales reps at the store don’t always have our best interests at heart, right? They’re trying to make more money! Use it right and your smart phone should save you money. That’s what it’s all about, right? Working smarter means more efficient. In this time of oil conflicts and climate changes the smarter we move around, the better for all concerned.

I love the maps app for starters, makes me feel more confident about taking public transit because I can always find my way on foot, not waste a lot of energy traipsing around. For mapping out a route before driving, it’s very useful as well. In fact I actually like searching for stores & restaurants on my phone better than going to the computer because then I’ve usually got the phone number already on my phone and its easy to call them with just two touches on the screen. Plus if I forget where I’m going or I want to call while I’m on the way, say pre-order a sandwich to be ready when I get there, I’ve got the info at the ready on my phone.

My phone goes everywhere with me, at first for safety and staying in contact with family, and now to be constantly available to my clients (in just about any form they choose, Google talk, Facebook chat, Yahoo messenger, and soon Skype I hope) or potential clients.

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