anything can go viral

anything can go viral

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anything can go viral

Anything can “go viral”, well ok, not anything, but a lot of times it is unexpected. In this case the service (a prank to send glitter in the mail to a person you hate) was based on a famous joke, referenced by comedians and social media, that went viral on reddit.

As this example demonstrated, you’ve got to be ready to roll when it does…

Just click on this storify link to read the whole story.

I do like the set-up Mat has done on his site. It creates a good clear example of how to set yourself up for viral success. He has a simple, straight forward offering, a couple of upgrade options, a reasonable price that for sure gives him a nice profit margin and a quippy, funny take-off on a pre-existing joke. He tapped into a network that enjoyed his niche offering and boom! Away he goes.


Now if he’s lucky he’ll be able to sell that cookie asap. Or…?




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