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One of the things I can teach you is how to become an affiliate of things you love so you can have near passive income while sharing those loveable things with your network. I recently became an affiliate with Bulletproof Coffee for this reason. I found that besides having the best coffee around, with some great ways to make it that sustains your energy and promotes weight loss, their website also has a great collection of products to “upgrade” yourself.

Right now they are selling off an overstock of ground Bulletproof coffee so they’re offering it at 30% off.

Here’s what Dave Asprey, the inspirational CEO of Bulletproof had to say about the reason:

Why 30% Off?
Pre-ground Bulletproof coffee beans are designed to save you time (and noise) in the morning without sacrificing freshness. But we ordered far too much over the holiday season (may have been an over-caffeinated typist adding one too many zero’s)…
And because we insist on giving you only the freshest possible beans, we need to find all of this ‘extra’ coffee a home as quickly as possible – or it all goes to waste. That means our gaffe is your gain! Click here to take advantage.
Are These Coffee Beans Fresh?
Yes! Unlike the typical coffee on supermarket shelves that may be a year old or more by the time you buy it, Bulletproof beans go from farm to roaster to YOU in just a matter of weeks. Either this surplus coffee inventory sells fast, or we won’t sell it at all.
Will Ground Bulletproof Beans Last As Long?
Again, YES! These beans are professionally ground right after roasting… and each bag gets flushed with nitrogen to remove oxygen that can make cofee taste stale before being thermally sealed. Not only that, each bag of Bulletproof ground beans has a special one-way ‘de-gassing’ valve that keeps the coffee in an air-free environment for maximum freshness.
Because of the space-age packaging technology, your coffee can stay fresh for weeks at room temperature – or for longer-term storage, you can keep unopened bags ‘on ice’ in the freezer. Just put a piece of tape over the valve first.
All this means that you can take advantage of the limited-time 30% discount to stock your pantry (or your freezer) now while supplies last – and enjoy fresh-tasting coffee for months!
Does Bulletproof Ground Coffee Taste As Good?
The conventional wisdom is that home-ground beans taste best… But Bulletproof ground beans are engineered to change your mind, with a fine grind that gives your brew a bold flavor and aroma. In fact, this grind is so flavorful that you may find yourself using less for each pot and getting even more out of each bag!
What’s the Best Way to Brew Ground Bulletproof Beans?
The find grind makes this coffee perfect for drip coffee makers or any other method that uses a filter. It may not work as well with a French Press.

So if you like the sound of that click here!

And you can watch this video for some great health info

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