One Year Anniversary of the Airing of Holy Crap on Dragons’ Den

“This week is the one year anniversary of Brian and Corin appearing on CBC’s Dragons’ Den show.
Although a deal wasn’t finalized, Holy Crap cereal is the Dragons’ Den biggest success story.
The product is available in over 1,000 stores in Canada and Holy Crap has gone global with the addition of distributors in the United States, United Kingdom and Japan.
What will the next year bring?

… from the Holy Crap Cereal Facebook page.

Yep today is the anniversary of the airing. It was so exciting to have been involved.

For me, being involved showed me that the Dragons’ Den is about real people and that the excercise of pitching to potential investors is filled with silver linings in the suit coat. Whether or not you make a deal, a great product and a great team of people putting it together can become an “instant” success story. I’m a big fan of all the Dragons, the each have their own unique style of motivation and it just keeps getting more fun watching and listening to their wisdom. Kevin O’Leary, in a recent CBC radio interview about his new book, Cold Hard Truth said that your business needed more devotion than your lover, (“you can always get a new girlfriend”) but I wonder what advice he’d give to couples running a business together? Would he say the relationship has to take a back seat? From watching the Mullins bring forward this incredible concept I would say definitely everything has to take a back seat to the business when you are first beginning (ie. first few years) and yet it is the strength of your relationships that will ultimately bring you success.

Cutting the ribbon!

Corin and Brian Mullins cut the ribbon on the new Gibsons facility for

Doing social media for Holy Crap… I still remember the car ride in which Brian and I coaxed a reluctant Corin into having a Facebook page. If I remember correctly, she had privacy concerns and liked the sound of Twitter better. I think I just went ahead and created both. Plus a twitter @HapiFoods for the company.

From then on my life was filled with the mission to spread the word, and help the word spread that this cereal is having a profound effect on so many lives. Corin and Brian quickly embraced their social media profiles as a great place to get positive feedback from their customers every day.

The Mullins cut the ribbon.

Cutting the ribbon... a feel good moment!

I went on to take the much aclaimed Aspire self employment program, as the Mullins had done, and create a business identity from which to market my services as a social media geek. And now the Sunshine Coast has Socially Conscious social media services! After having my services for over a year, Hapi Foods Inc. now meets its needs for social media internally, and I think that is fabulous! And I still eat my Holy Crap everyday which is the best thing!
Corin and Brian Mullins speak to their success at the Sunshine Coast Golf Course

Corin and Brian Mullins speak to their success at the Sunshine Coast Golf Course

One of my first ever videos (don’t judge me, I was working with windows at the time) I’m quite proud to say has had over 6000 views!

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