QR Codes: How & Why

QR Codes: How & Why

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QR Codes: How & Why

QR Codes are a box shaped icon that you can generate simply by using a url shortening service like bit.ly. Once at bit.ly you should open an account and then type in the URL, or the website address, of the link that you want your QR Code to go to. Someone sees your QR code, say on a poster for an event or on a product you’re selling or in a newspaper ad, and they scan it with their smartphone (using a QR code scanning app), then their cell phone will show them the (hopefully mobile friendly) webpage that the QR code was generated to point to.

This is great for so many things, giving extra information about a product’s ingredients, and connecting the browser with instant information about the company, whether it’s a coupon or reviews, the event’s particulars making it easier to remember (even adding it right into the person’s calendar), or the profile of whatever you’re advertising.

Bit.ly allows you to monitor the opens of the link as well which is great for keeping track of how much it’s used.

If you are interested in being walked through this process, please contact me for a private tutorial or I’m available to do it for you.

Here’s an example of a QR code inviting you to a sign up for my mailing list. Scan it with a smartphone 🙂


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