Raw Food is Goooood!

hcsbiconEating more raw food, juicing, paleo, we love trends and products, like Holy Crap Cereal that make being healthy easier, more accessible and fun. The labeling for organics and non-gmo has come a long way. Since I am an Amazon affiliate I was playing around and made this “store” for my friends (see below) which is really just a way to view a selection of raw food related books you can purchase through Amazon. To the side if you click on the Holy Crap cereal image you will be able to purchase the cereal through Amazon.

Another British Columbia based company that stands out in the whole foods niche market industry, which is also sugar free, vegan and can be stored a long time and shipped anywhere are the Vega products. I actually asked Vega if I could become an affiliate with them directly but they didn’t get back to me. Holy Crap had an affiliate program for a while, but dropped it. However I am able to suggest my friends purchase through my Amazon link which will give me a bit of a kickback. As a Canadian I can only cash out my affiliate earnings through my Amazon.ca link, but through Amazon.com I can purchase through their platform with my earnings. They have so many products that I don’t mind at all playing by those rules. To apply my affiliate link to these “borrowed” images (I hope they don’t mind, I am promoting them, and no complaints yet) I use a plugin on my wordpress site called Amazon studio. As always I’m here to help if you need some getting set up.


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