spring is here.. well almost

spring is here.. well almost

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spring is here.. well almost

and the time is right, to get your promotions going.

More than ever in this economic climate people are looking for deals!

What better way than to make sure your business is the one people think of when they want value, service and guarantees than to constantly offer customer appreciation through discounts, specials and giveaways on your social media accounts such as a blog, facebook page, twitter stream or online video or photography channel?

Images that make the mouth water are essential for online marketing.

Plus don’t forget, people want to know what you’re excited about in your store today and love the opportunity to “virtually shop” and even make purchasing decisions before making a trip to the store. Talk to me about ways to make their internet searches even more likely to showcase your product.

The easier it is to find your product online the more likely its going to move. Think about using Instagram, Tumblr or Pintrest to post artsy, funny or simply nice quality photos you’d like people to notice. Take it a step further if you want and sell on Etsy, if you’re an artisan, or Shopify, or install your own self-hosted ecommerce web portal.

Or, simply install a shopping cart with Payvment on your Facebook page. But I’m getting off track, I was talking promotions, now I’m on to shopping carts. But really folks, if the tourists don’t show up this year (last year was a wash for most I think) then you’ve got to think about more mail order business through online orders. It costs less than you think, usually a small percentage of sales, and there are a lot of potential benefits.

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