Very Good News for Customer Service thru Social Media

Very Good News for Customer Service thru Social Media

by kazuendI read a post by Hootsuite this morning about changes to Facebook and Twitter that will make customer service way easier through these platforms. It got me very excited. Yes, I’m nerdy like that, but then you probably already knew this. What you might not know about me is that when I started Socially Conscious I did so out of a desire to foster customer responsiveness as a way to building a better world through business. I’ve always cared about the planet and the plight of humanity at this crucial juncture in our collective story. Since becoming aware of the myriad of issues currently facing our sustainability I’ve racked my own consciousness for “the answer”.

I came up with many reflections, contemplating a central theme of motivation. One of the manifestations of these reflections, bringing my macro-meanderings down-to-earth, was the creation of this boutique consulting biz, formed to provide affordable solutions to social media challenges facing primarily mom & pop shops. Actually mostly just mom-shops. My service offering creates sustainablity through improving customer satisfaction. Even simple things like saving gas because the google plus profile gave you correct info on the stores opening hours, contributes to a more sustainable world. I mean, it’s one small thing, but these things do add up.

by Todd Quakenbush

My client’s customers acheive greater satisfaction through greater availabilty of the information they seek and increased ability to be heard and valued as a customer. They can interact with how a product develops, they can let companies know what’s working and what’s not. That’s valuable info.

If there is one thing being self-employed has taught me, each and every customer can become a long lasting financial relationship that is worthy of great care and tending. Like a bonsai. Long story short, its a relationship based on connection and responsiveness that is ideally easier with social media in the mix.

So it is good news that both Facebook and Twitter just changed some of the restrictions that previously forced customer complaints to be aired publically as well as extending more space (twitter’s direct messages can now be 1000 characters instead of 140) and automating capabilities to respond within a private message.

I think this means I’m about to get very busy!

In addition Facebook is giving out badges to pages that respond to comments within 5 minutes, 90% of the time. Argh, really fb, f-you! That part is kinda a nightmare for someone like me… I mean I’m good but… am I that good? We will see I suppose, we will see. Thankfully I’m not managing anyone’s page right now except the many I own. Time to up my rates before the floodgates open? How many small businesses will actually try to acheive this incredibly high standard? I suppose its a marker of the instant gratification world so many of us currently inhabit. Perhaps its an attempt at a job-booster as more businesses will realize they need people on this 24/7.

On that note, anyone want to learn how to do what I do?

Ok, that’s all for now, thanks for tuning in…. now back to work!

by Christopher Campbell

images in this post compliments of unsplash, my new discovery today

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