the cosmic kitchen: order up!

the cosmic kitchen: order up!

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the cosmic kitchen: order up!

With the “end of the world as we know it” looming in December 2012, I was offered the opportunity to spend a day refocusing my attention on myself and my dreams, goals and desires in life, so I jumped at it. I decided I couldn’t miss the opportunity to work with renowned “Heal Your Life” (based on author Louise Hay‘s work) and “Ordering form the Cosmic Kitchen” (based on the book & teachings of Patricia Crane) workshop facilitator as well as Reiki practitioner Elizabeth Candlish and see if what she was into could work for me. Certainly seemed to work for her! She is so positive and inspiring all the time. Plus I’d heard countless stories from others who had amazing results after taking her workshops or seeing her for coaching. elizabeth candlish

The day at her beautiful house in West Sechelt, overlooking a stunning bay, was warm and comforting. I felt like I’d spent all day at a kind of spa for the mind where I was inundated with positive messages and stimulated on all sorts of creative and intuitive levels. Everything we did reminded me to be the person I could be, not the person I had, it’s true, started to believe I might have to be.

About 2 weeks later we met again to go over what had happened since our session and take a look at our “vision boards”. We had created collages of pictures representing things we wanted in our life. I had filled my board with pictures of hooping, aromatherapy, yoga, eating raw, jogging, travel, an austin mini… boy I needed to get busy! But the great part about this method Elizabeth told us, is that you don’t really have to do anything… just affirm that you already have achieved your goal. I love that.

This is what I told the other ladies when we regrouped (we were all ladies in this one) “I left here feeling so energetic, the whole world felt open to me. I felt light and kept having revelations. One of them was that if I spend my energy being someone I’m not, I won’t have the energy to be who I am. And that would be a loss to everyone since I’m the only one who can truly be me!

A special thing happened right after this workshop, I won two contests in a row!

Within a 24 hour period – and one of them was from the Dragons’ Den. This prize was a nice reminder of my involvement with Holy Crap Cereal’s Dragons’ Den proposal which led to them going viral with success.

The second contest was a door prize from Molly’s Lane Market and they gave me a glass water bottle with an imprint of a water crystal, based on the research of Masaru Emoto.  I was really into his work at one point (got the book) and had incorporated it into an art installation piece for the on the street art gallery boxes called PaCu. Winning the prizes brought me back to these moments in my past which I remembered and reclaimed as important and powerful. I know my future is going to be even more important and powerful!

Attending “Ordering from the Cosmic Kitchen” with Elizabeth Candlish was seriously the best thing I did for myself in 2012!

It’s your turn… interested in taking this course?

You can go to her website and view the next “Ordering from the Cosmic Kitchen” course …or enjoy one of my favourite settings, The Rockwater Resort, where I stayed recently and had a wonderfully relaxing and delicious time, for a two day retreat with Elizabeth!

Details of the course:

Heal Your Life retreat

Join Elizabeth Candlish for a two day retreat at Rockwater Resort (click to register).


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